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AffairAn affair is a great trial in marriage and the effects could be devastating. Both emotional affairs and physical affairs are hurtful on the side of the betrayed party. According to statistics, 45%-50% of married men and 25% in women tend to have an affair in the duration of their marriage. Online affairs are included. While online affairs are mostly devoid of physical contact, they are more likely to progress to an emotional affair which is more difficult to resolve. Emotionally falling for someone else means that you may have fallen out of love for your spouse which often leads to separation or divorce.

Having an affair can be easy especially with the advent of technology and the internet. There are a lot of dating sites and online venues (Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites) that easily sway married people toward having an affair. They can meet a lot of people through these sites. Some even make use of these sites to look for discreet individuals they can have an affair with. How to have an affair must not be the question. The right question to ask must be, “How to prevent infidelity or avoid any form of affair?” This article answers such question.

Don’t Make Your Spouse the Last Item On Your List of Priorities.
Doing this first step is a proactive way of preventing infidelity. Your spouse usually goes the wrong way when he/she feels neglected. Always make time for your other half. Your family must be the first of your priorities. Remember that if you can’t make time for your partner, he/she will find it from someone who can.

Don’t Let the Flame of Romance Die Out in Your Relationship.
Keeping the spark in a relationship takes hard work from both sides. It may eventually be tiring when only one party tries to keep the romance alive. Both must make it a point to surprise their other half once in a while or whenever there are special occasions like an anniversary or birthday. Going out on random dates is also a good surprise. For women, cooking a special meal for your husbands means a lot to them. For men, you can give your wives a simple back rub after a tiring day. Remember that even the smallest things count in your marriage.

Avoid Compromising Situations That May Lead to Cheating.
If you are in a married relationship, the conceivability of cheating is always present. This is something you must admit and acknowledge. Even the most devoted spouse can commit infidelity. Acknowledging this fact does not mean that you will most likely go astray; instead, it will help you prevent compromising situations that will lead you to cheating on your spouse.

For instance, the workplace is the most common avenue for married individuals to get into an affair. If you will think of it, you spend more waking time at work than at home. Do not get into a personal relationship with your co-workers of the opposite sex. As much as possible, avoid sharing your personal life and problems with them and steer away from co-workers who are trying to get close to you. While this doesn’t seem to be a good idea when it comes to your social relationship with your coworkers, it will help you avoid compromising situations that may end up in an affair and ruin your marriage.

Don’t make “special friends” at work commonly known as “work spouse”. It could lead to something more serious and less professional. When you are invited by a co-worker of the opposite sex for no apparent job-related reason, politely decline. Don’t party too much or drink too many when you are with your co-workers. One thing can lead to another. If you want to make genuine friendship with your co-workers or be more sociable at work, bring your spouse to after-work gatherings and events like a dinner or a party.

Talk to Your Spouse and Learn to Listen Too.
Your spouse should also be your best friend and confidante. If you have problems at work or with anything, talk to your other half. This will encourage openness and facilitate a better connection between the couple. Listening is another thing that must be done by a good spouse in order to keep the marriage intact. Because when you are there to listen to your spouse, he will no longer want to find someone else who will.
Do not spill out your problems especially your marital issues on social media. Aside from being a big embarrassment, it opens an opportunity to some people to get into your life (especially those with motives) and could create a conflict in your marriage. It could also lead to an online affair.

Avoid Volatile Arguments With Your Spouse As Well As Being Condescending.
When two people are married they will have to deal with each other. This means that they have to deal with a person who has different upbringing, experiences, likes and dislikes and this often leads to arguments. Little arguments are healthy for a relationship up to some extent. However when arguments start to become volatile with hurtful words hurled at each other, this is where relationships start to become bitter. Some spouses would become condescending and would just throw their hands up in the air. They are done with arguing which may lead them to look someplace else to get their opinions acknowledged.

Do Not Let Go of Affection and Intimacy.
Some couples are not as affectionate and intimate with their spouses as in their early years of being together. The secret of long-lasting marriage is constant affection and intimacy. A quick peck on the cheek of your husband is a sweet reminder or your early years in the relationship. Giving your wife a surprise hug from the back doesn’t get old for her. Send each other sweet text messages. Kiss a lot. Hold hands. Even these small things will help keep your intimacy alive.

Live Up to Your Vows.
Do you still remember what you have vowed to do for your spouse? Reminding yourself of your promise will help you think straight and stay loyal to your partner. Sometimes, major problems at home like a loss of a child, financial struggles and illness will lead the couple to drift apart and end up having an affair. During these trying times, remember that you have vowed to love your spouse ‘til death, in richer or poorer. Keep your promise.